Video Chess Coach

Video Chess Coach shows you how and why pieces move. It makes chess easy to understand. It hopes to be fun and instructive to beginners, and useful for good players to skim through games in Portable Game Notation (PGN).

Beginners, average players, experts, and teachers should all find Video Chess Coach useful and entertaining by showing, on a simple level, most of the effects of a move. It won't tell you that the piece was getting out of the way for a friendly knight, because there's usually a better reason for the move than that. If you have a 4.x browser, you can try an online version by clicking on Game Viewer, then on Game of the Week, or one of the Lessons, or you can play your own game.

* Beginners:

This site is aimed at people who know the rules, but learning the rules of chess is not that hard. The object is to capture the enemy king, and each kind of piece has its own way to do that. Only pawns don't capture the same way they move. Add in three special moves, castling, pawn promoting, and "en passent", and that's about it. If you don't know all the rules, you should go to The Chess Variant Pages, but you can pick up most of them by clicking on Lessons or just by watching a game with the Game Viewer.

The first thing to learn is how the pieces move. The next thing to learn is to see how the pieces move. This site shows how the pieces move, unlike any other site or program. Some chess programs show where pieces can go before they move, but only this site shows where they attack after they move. Video Chess Coach shows you why the pieces move.

* Average players:

You know that most average games are decided by a simple oversight. Maybe a knight move unblocks a bishop, but somebody doesn't see the danger. Whatever the case, a slip like that ruins many a game.

Video Chess Coach, however, should make "Oh! I didn't see that!" a thing of the past, by showing Xray/unblocked attacks, as well as new attack lines from the moving piece. After some practice, you will be seeing lines of attack without help! Most people overlook at least one of these lines sometime during a game. That is when your advantage will show.

* Experts and teachers:

Video Chess Coach can help you study games faster and can be fun to watch at high speed. Exclusive special features now include a drag and drop Square Control viewer, for looking at hot spots, Xrays, for seeing discovered attacks without trying, and an option to show only New Lines of attack.

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